For the Moments I Feel Weak

I got this habit - a bad habit. Whenever something bothers me, I keep it in. I used to let it all out, and tell the world know exactly what was bothering me. But I don't do that anymore. I used spill my guts - but I don't want to be that kind of person anymore. I don't want to be one of those people who puts their burdens on others. I want to own those burdens on my own. Otherwise, I felt it made me look weak. I mean, come on - who would put their confidence in someone who kept showing others the chinks in their armor.
I need to be perfect. I can't show any flaws. I can't let others see me weak.

But honestly, I'm not very good at that. When something bothers me, it shows. It really fucking shows. And I wish it didn't.

I have some pretty good people around me. People who genuinely care, who want to help - but I'm stuck.
I feel like, if I let it all out then maybe they'd find something and make them turn away - disgusted. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday.
We all have our demons - our curses. But I have a hard enough time facing them by myself, what about others. What would they do?
In the end, I'm lonely. I can have the world fall in love with me, but I'd still be alone in my thoughts and principles.

So, when something is wrong, and eating away at my insides - never you worry, and never you fear. I'll take care of this on my own. I'll find a way. For my sake, as well as yours.
This is mine. I got this.

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