It's been months since I finished my certification. And after all this time job-hunting (more like job-"begging"), including a brief period when I thought marketing was more up my alley, I finally landed something.

Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, your friendly neighborhood hero has finally landed an EMT position!

I was really beginning to be bummed out with all this job-"begging". Applying to hospital ambulance proved futile without the necessary 911-experience. And when trying to get that experience with a volunteer ambulance company, it would've taken me another couple months until they got the newly enlisted crew together. And FDNY? My heart's still set on them. They practically run the whole city's ambulance companies. But the academy still hasn't assigned an investigator to check out my background, and the next academy isn't until June or July. I couldn't wait for the FDNY forever.

Money's short. Money's very short. Debts are stacking up higher and higher. I was getting desperate. Really desperate. I mean, I was seriously about to sign up to become a pizza delivery boy. Me, a smart and talented college-boy, with the skills to help save lives, would've just become pizza delivery boy. Talk about waste of talent.

Then one afternoon, I got a call about an application I had out in with this Brooklyn ambulance company - the same company my fraternity brother and my mom had been pitching to me. I came in and just like that, I landed a job. In Brooklyn, which is just what I wanted.
I didn't want to sleep shifts away in the doldrums of some suburban neighborhood of the greatest city in the world. I wanted to be right there, right there where the action is - in these mean streets. And hopefully, I'll get just that out with this ambulance company.

Today, I came home from taking my ID picture and picking up my uniform. And I gotta say - Damn, I look so good in my uniform.

It feels so good to land something, especially when I've had such rotten luck these days. But tonight, it feels good to win one - it feels real good.
Every now and then, certain questions will pop up in my mind, like...
Will I be strong enough? Will I be patient enough? Will I be smart enough? Will I be good enough?

Well, there's only one way to find out -
And that's by doing what I was meant to do.